Czechia is full of mysticism and alchemy

Under Emperor Rudolph II, Bohemia hosted a large number of alchemists

Astronomer Tycho De Brahe worked in Bohemia at the request of the emperor

Important figures of Czech mysticism

Karel Weinfurter, 1867-1942

Czech mystic.

The most important works –

The Fiery Bush

The Bible in the light of mysticism

František Kabelák, 1902-1969

Czech hermetic

The most important works –

Hermetic’s herbarium

Magia Divina

Jan Kefer, 1906-1941

Czech Hermetic

The most important works – 


Theurgy of Magical Evocation

Practical Astrology

Herma’s Emerald Plate

Piere De Lasenic,  1900-1944

Czech Hermetic

The most important works –

Alchemy, its theory and practice

The Hermetic Initiation of Martinism

Sexual magic

Tarot, the key to initiation

František Bardon, 1909-1958

Czech hermetic, healer, mag

The most important works – 

A gateway to true initiation

The key to the true cabal

The practice of magical evocation

Eduard Tomáš, 1908-2002

Czech mystic and yogi

The most important works – 

Metaphysical stories

Memoirs of a mystic

The Art of Peace of Mind

The yogi’s secret

Let’s create a world of peace

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