Volume Three, Part Two. The images on this page show the surroundings of Prague. These are Smíchov, Holešovice, Chuchle, Břevnov, Radlice, Hlubočepy, Troja and other surroundings. Currently, all the mentioned districts are already part of Prague. All images are engravings at least 130 years old. Here are 24 beautiful historical pictures.


Smíchov from the Palacký bridge

Church of St. Wenceslas in Smíchov

The interior of the church of St. Wenceslas in Smíchov

Smíchov - Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus with the Monastery of the Sisters of the Heart of the Lord

Church of St. Philip and Jakub in Smíchov

Smíchov - view of the Vltava from the botanical garden

In Little Chuchli

In Radlice

Vltava Valley near Podbaba

In Hlubočepy


St. Matthew's Church in Šárka

The former Rudolfof summer castle in Bubny

Winter port for steamers in the valley

Imperial mill

Hodkovičky from the opposite bank

Summer house Star

Chuchel Hill with the Church of St. John

Monastery on Bílá Hora

St. Margaret's Monastery in Břevnov

Crossroads of railway tracks in the Svatoprokopské valley

Steamship wharf near Chuchle

Kneislovka above Bělohorská road

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