Czechia quotes


Anyone who spends his whole life in a sauna will never know what it’s like to warm up.


People who lack joy use entertainment as a substitute drug.

                                                                Tomáš Halík

All the rulers of the world fear most, that they should try otherwise, unheard of, and in reverse; nothing is more conservative than human rule.

                                                             Karel Čapek

Joy is shared. Everyone carries grief alone

                                                                 Jan Spálený

„He who controls himself controls the whole universe.“

                                                                        Květoslav Minařík

Imagine the silence if people said only what they know.

                                                                   Karel Čapek



A wise person doubts himself every day. A fool never thinks of himself as stupid.



Struggle was created by nature, hatred was invented by man.

                                                                                   Karel Čapek

If someone argues with an idiot for more than one minute, then two idiots are already arguing.

                                                              Jan Werich

Evil and hatred must disguise themselves and attract beings to themselves. Love and goodness can only set an example.


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