Karlštejn Castle was founded in 1348 and occupies an exceptional position among Czech castles. It was built by the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV. as a place to store royal treasures, especially collections of holy relics and imperial crown jewels. Here are 13 historical depictions of the castle. Published by ČTK-Pressfoto publishing house. Graphic editing by Jiří Figer, responsible editor Miroslav Krob, photography by Karel Šefrna.

Unknown painter - oil painting from the 17th century - idealized image of Charles IV with the first depiction of Karlštejn Castle

Karlštejn Castle - drawn by Hugo Ullik - oil painting from 1872

Karlštejn Castle - drawn by Ferdinand Lepié in 1856 - oil painting

Karlštejn Castle - Antonin Pucherna - colored etching from 1803 based on a drawing by Frantisek Karl Wolff from 1783

Karlštejn Castle - Josef Rybička - watercolor around 1850

Karlštejn Castle - unknown painter - colored engraving around 1800

Karlštejn Castle - Antonín Gareis - oil painting around 1890

Karlštejn Castle - unknown painter - oil painting around 1860

Karlštejn Castle - signed Manes - date unknown

Karlštejn Castle - Ludvík Kohl - colored etching from 1793

Karlštejn Castle - Adolf Gustav Schulz - gouache painting from 1831

Karlštejn Castle - Karel Würbs - watercolor from 1848

Karlštejn Castle - Karel Postl - colored etching based on a drawing by Lorenz Janscha - date unknown

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