This is the second part of the third volume. All images are engravings.  

   In this second part, the book deals first with the Lesser Side, that is, the sub-district of Prague Castle. Here are 29 beautiful paintings. The most recent images were created before 1908. 

Church of St. Nicholas on Malostranské náměstí

The interior of the Church of Saint Nicholas

The upper part of Mostecká Street with a view of the Church of St. Nicholas - photo

The lower part of Mala Strana

Five Church Streets and the House of Commons

The Church of Our Lady of Victory in Malá Strana

Malostranské náměstí and the events of November 8, 1620

Malostranské náměstí - view of the Charles Bridge

Malostranské náměstí - northeastern part

Vladštejn Square

Karmelitská Street with a view of the Church of St. Nicholas

The former church of St. John the Baptist with the Malostran almshouse

View of Prague from Nebozízek - drawn by B. Wachmann

Wallachian Hospital

Malostranské market place

Malostranské market - the western part with the U Ješíška house

The former church of St. John the Baptist near Malostranské hospital

Ostruhovská Street - now Nerudova Street

Church of St. Lawrence in Petřín

The Jerusalem Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher in Petřín

Lobkovice Palace

Sala terrena in the Wallenstein Palace

C. K. Armory in Újezd

Klar Institute for Blind Adults

Church of the Virgin Mary

View of Mala Strana

The Grand Priory Square and the Palace of Count Bouquoie

Čertovka stream under the Charles Bridge arch

Lusatian Seminary

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