Volume three part two contains – Josefof – The Old Jewish Town. Vyšehrad also contains a city surrounded by legends. All images are engravings.  Here are 9 pictures from the Jewish Town and 10 pictures from Vyšehrad.

Josefof - Old Jewish town

Old Jewish Cemetery

Šmilesova street

The old post office in the Jewish town

Old-New Synagogue

Old-new synagogue interior

The curtain of the Tabernacle in the Klaus Synagogue

Old meat shops in the Jewish town

At the old Jewish cemetery

The Old-New School and the Jewish Town Hall


Vyšehrad from 1550

Vyšehrad in the new fortifications from 1668


Capitoline Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Vyšehrad

The former chapel of the Virgin Mary in Vyšehrad

The French Gate at Vyšehrad

Chapel of St. Martin in Vyšehrad

On Botyča (stream) below Vyšehrad

U Botyče (stream) under Vyšehrad

View from Vyšehrad to Zlíchov

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