This is part three. This is the New Town, which extends around Wenceslas Square. All images are engravings. Here are 37 beautiful pictures. The most recent of them is created before 1906.

Prague - New Town - engraving from 1650

Church of the Corpus Christi, which once stood on Charles Square

View of the Palacký bridge from the Smíchovské bank

National Theatre

The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows with the Chapel of St. Tekla near the Alžbětinek Monastery and Hospital at Slupy

St. Henry's Church with bell tower

Karlovo square - view of the New Town Hall

Charles Square during the entry of Maria Theresa into Prague for the coronation of the Czech Queen in 1743

The New Town and the Emmaus Monastery as seen from the Palacký Bridge

Church of the Mother of God Sněžná

The facade of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows - view from the courtyard

The National Museum as designed by Professor Schulz

Church of St. Vojtěch in New city

St. Stephen's Church from 1836

Novoměstská water station near Šiklovy mills

Water tower near New Mills

Prague before the Swedish siege in 1648

Prague during the Swedish siege in 1648

View from New Mills to New Mills near the Mayor's Island

The former church of St. Bartholomew

View of the Church of the Virgin Mary - on the lawn

Palace of the Nostics from Rhienek in Na Příkopech street

Vodičkova street

Regional maternity hospital in Karlov

Belfry at St. Stephen's Church

View from Nuselské údolí to Karlov

Emperor Francis Chain Bridge

Wenceslas Square - view from the former Horse Gate

Renaissance tower at house No. 790 on Wenceslas Square

At Helm's Mills in New Town

The former church of St. Bartholomew near the city almshouse on Vyšehradská street

St. Peter's Church in Poříčí

St. Stephen's Church in New Town

Church of St. Wenceslas near the regional prison - in Zderaz

Summerhouse America

Voršilek courtyard and garden in New Town

Vltava near Žofín Island

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